“I want to emphasize… your vast knowledge & experience & expertise with The Brown Act & public meetings. Your comments are really helpful and easy to understand. You know the law really well and obviously follow changes so that is really helpful. For our District in particular, you were really helpful in guiding me in the area of restricting public access (thus our Ordinance) and also how to go about enforcing tree trimming and brush abatement so that the roads are clear and safe.” – Angela Johnson,  General Manager/Secretary of Cameron Estates CSD

“Within a period of six months of assignment, Kampa and his firm provided the LOCSD Board with the strategy, policies, procedures and leadership to guide the LOCSD from a bankruptcy and a qualified audit, to financial stability. Kampa’s special district experience and associated financial acumen was of great benefit to this district, as we can now focus on achieving our community’s sustainable water goals.” – John Erik Storm, BOD Vice-President of Los Osos Community Services District

“Nipomo Community Services District found itself embroiled in a dispute with a developer over interpretation of responsibilities each had to a particular project.  The developer lost his project to bankruptcy during the recession of 2009.  The issues were complex and needed to be explained clearly to the Court.  Kampa Community Solutions was called in by Nipomo CSD to provide expert witness testimony.  Mr. Kampa’s years of experience in managing and operating water systems were evident during the pre-trial briefing period.  He was able to internalize the many facets of the case in a short period. Mr. Kampa impressed the Nipomo CSD attorneys with his courtroom acumen and agility, demonstrating calm integrity and confidence under a stressful situation.  If in a similar situation in the future, Nipomo CSD would call upon Kampa Community Solutions for this service without hesitation” – Mario Iglesias, General Manager, Nipomo Community Services District