Special District Management Solutions

Services for Small Districts – We specialize in reasonably priced management consulting services, provided specifically for small special districts.  Whether you provide one service or are a multi-service CSD; employ a manager, fire chief or not, we provide the competent management services on an hourly contract basis to help you deliver the services your community needs – guaranteed.

Avoid Director Burnout! – Many special districts cannot afford to pay a full time, or even part time manager and still have the money available to operate. Unfortunately, running without paid management places squarely in the lap of elected directors all of the effort and stress of compliance with laws and regulations, managing operations, maintaining facilities, board agendas, customer relations and much , much more.   In many cases, this results in director burnout, and when you lose those key “working” directors, so disappears the district management knowledge, experience and initiative.  We help you effectively manage the district by providing support services in a seamless manner, as if you had a full time manager available 24×7.

Customized Services – Small districts simply cannot afford to employ attorneys, engineers and CPAs to run the day to day affairs.  We provide very cost effective services as required for your district to achieve its objectives – efficient, high quality services in compliance with permits and laws