Public Engagement

We provide the tools to empower communities to fully and productively communicate with their public agencies.

The importance cannot be understated for community understanding, involvement in and recognition of the level of services provided by your district.  Without it, major projects or critical funding needs, on which you have spent years planning, could be crushed by popular vote.

We live in a time of government un-trust.  Our customers come from a position of “prove it to me”, which can be nearly impossible in the traditional, one dimensional communication approach where the district develops material and sends it to its customers.

In this I-Phone society, people want to engage; completely and immediately.  They want to know why you shut down the water main during an emergency and why – before you shut it off.   You make a decision to proceed with a critical infrastructure or park project for which you have had 6 public meetings, throughout the community, and described fully in two years worth of monthly newsletters.  You design the project, apply for funds and start the environmental review process only to be slammed by 100 neighbors in the hearing who commit to stop the project or file suit….so you stop.  and regroup.  Again.

We work with public agencies and community groups/leaders to develop the structures and processes to fully engage the community in the activities of their special district.

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