On-Call or as Necessary Management Services

Our Service Menu is Unlimited

Issues arise and emergencies happen on the fly, usually at the most inopportune time.  For Boards operating without a manager, this can mean cumbersome Board meetings, delayed or hasty decisions, expenditures that don’t result in appropriate solutions, angry constituents at the donut shop, etc…. as a certified special district administrator, I understand and have lived this life for over two decades.  Sometimes you just need an answer RIGHT NOW! but calling the expensive attorney would just raise more issues.  Call Kampa!

Occasionally you just need someone to bounce things off of; make sure things are going right, or you want a second opinion about why your district needs to spend so much money on a service, piece of equipment or project.  There has to be another way, right?   Text Kampa!

Why Kampa (Community Solutions)?

  • Available to rapidly and accurately answer any and all management, Board and operational questions, solve issues, intervene and amicably resolve any Board, staff or community relations issues
  • Answer staff process questions on the fly; Brown Act, records, clerical, customer service, technology, human resources, etc
  • Assist on an as-needed basis in policy, resolution and ordinance development
  • Much less expensive than calling your attorney and just as effective (I will refer you to your attorney if necessary)
  • Response by text phone, email or written document
  • Experienced in the issues involved with delivering all types of services including water, sewer, fire, ambulance, park/recreation, library, street lighting, solid waste collection and recycling, library and roads
  • Can solve operational issues
  • Service Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed price and service scope that will work for you

How can we Access Kampa (Community Solutions)?

  1. Your District Board approves a General Services Agreement.  You decide the level of service you want, and we negotiate price
  2. I deliver solutions!