+ Management Capacity

Today’s communities expect excellent public services at a reasonable price, with virtually immediate and constant communication regarding where and how their money is being spent.  Does your district need help meeting that expectation?  We can help your district manage through tough times as your temporary or part time manager, or to augment the strengths of your current manager.  No need to recruit, hire and train an assistant GM or additional top level administrative staff just to deal with peaks in workload.  Engage our services, weather the storm and improve, then fly on your own until we are needed for the next work-peak!

Kampa Community Solutions (KCS) specializes in management consulting services specifically developed for today’s special districts in California.  Our firm employs experienced, certified Special District Administrators[i] and administrative technicians whose skill sets are directly aligned with the needs of districts in 2017.

[i] The Special District Administrator Certification is a voluntary designation sought by individuals in the special district industry who strive to be the best managers in the business. http://www.sdlf.org/sda-certification