Kampa Presents Lessons Learned from the 2014 Drought

At the 2014 California Special Districts Association Annual Conference and Exposition in Palm Springs, Peter J. Kampa presented the likely impact of the 2014 drought on special districts throughout California.  “We need to all be ready for change” stated Kampa.  “This drought will touch all aspects of our special districts, from the way we irrigate our parks, to the water we calculate water supply available to support future development, stated Kampa”.

Kampa Community Solutions offers an array of drought and water supply planning and integrated response strategies and services.  Mr. Kampa’s presentation can be downloaded below:

Lessons Learned for 2014 Drought

A key point made by Kampa during the presentation is for special districts to understand the concepts of project integration to increase positive community impacts, increase public benefits and seriously improve the potential for receiving grants for critical water conservation, water use efficiency and irrigation or landscape upgrade projects.  We can develop a strategy to help you evaluate all opportunities to integrate your project for funding success and maximum community support and benefit!  An example of fully integrated solutions is below:

Drought Funding Model Example

$200 Million in Drought Response grants through the Department of Water Resources and the Integrated Regional Water Management Program (IRWMP) were published in late September 2014 and the successful projects should receive funding contracts by late October!  These grants will fund everything from new water sources, to major wastewater recycling projects, water conservation programs to rain catchment and greywater reuse systems throughout the state.  We can help you access funding through your regional IRWMP!!  The draft list of successful applicants is available below: