Interim Management

We offer high quality and low cost management services to assist your district through a transition in management, planned or unplanned.

With over 20 years of special district management experience and 15 years appointed and elected to statewide association Boards,  General Manager Pete Kampa has the leadership skills and acumen necessary to move the District in a positive  direction while assisting the Board in achieving its vision, ensuring the day to day operations are running smoothly  and assisting in the District in identifying traits and characteristics necessary in their next ideal manager.

KCS services can be engaged by the hour as needed, for a specified time block, for specific lump cost projects, or as a monthly retainer fee.  Please call of email for a specific services scope of work or quote.

Your district provides a critically essential public service, and the manager is responsible to ensure that the District operates on a day to day basis in compliance with laws, regulations and permits; and at the same time is leading the District in a direction reflective of the vision of the Board and community.

Left unattended, many of these important management responsibilities go unfulfilled.  A Board that has operated with full time management then is suddenly without, will have difficulty effectively bridging the gap between policy development and its implementation  by operations.  Every day of lost momentum on major projects and District initiatives is very costly and difficult to make up.

Call or write today to see how we can help.