Helping Newly Independent Cortina CSD

In May 2017, the voters in the Cortina CSD, located in the community of Arbuckle in Colusa County, chose to have an independently elected Board of Directors who live in the District govern the local road, street lighting, storm drain and trail services, rather than the Colusa County Board of Supervisors.  The District serves just over 100 properties in three separate small communities (neighborhoods) in Northern California.

Not long after the new board took office in December 2018, they were looking for  competent management and entered into agreement with Kampa Community Solutions to serve as General Manager.  Since engagement, we have developed a District website, completed an initial road/infrastructure condition evaluation, and assisted the Board in conducting regular, legally compliant Board meetings that are receiving solid community attendance and input.

We are proud to assist the Cortina CSD and hope you will follow our success!