Special District Consortium

All special districts need experienced management and we are in your corner.

Welcome to the next current generation of Special District Management.

The Special District Administrative Consortium (SDAC) is available to districts of all sizes, and priced to be affordable for the smallest of budgets.  At a cost of between $1000 and $2000 per month, the SDAC subscription service allows even the smallest special district to have a competent and experienced general manager  as needed to keep the district running smoothly.

To receive a cost proposal, please complete the questionnaire about your special district and return via email to cdrake@kampaCS.com or call (209) 591-7100.

At KampaCS, we recognize that not all special districts have the need or money to hire a full time manager. Finding a manager that knows special district laws and requirements, and is willing to work only part time is nearly impossible.  We also know that overseeing the operations of a special district can be a daunting task for a manager who is new to the job or promoted from within.  Often smaller districts experience large management turnover, leaving dedicated employees struggling to run the district on their own, which can be extremely overwhelming and costly to the District.

KampaCS is here to help;  whether your district is “board-managed”, needs a part time manager, has difficulty finding or keeping management, is transitioning,  or perhaps your current manager just needs some regular coaching from an expert.

Building Relationships

As needed by the district, we infuse expertise in all needed areas from customer service to operations and administration. We assist the Board in developing internal and external relationships; identifying its collective vision and implementing the procedures to make meetings effective and productive.  We can also work directly with or inform the Board in their interactions with other local agencies such as city and county, regulatory agencies and district partners who rely on regular communication and coordination with the district.

Ready for Change?

KCS is ready to run the difficult and complex aspects of your Special District, leaving you time and energy to focus on planning for the future and meeting the service needs of the community.  We strongly encourage a member of your district to reach out to us will questions about the Special District Administrative Consortium program. Consultation is free.  Email us a request or complete and return the questionnaire and we will schedule a time speak with you directly about how your district can benefit from SDAC.