District Formation

We empower communities to design competent districts.

We offer comprehensive services to assist communities in evaluating the needs, options and methods available for the creation of a new special district.  At a relatively high cost, attorneys can help you maneuver the legal process of district formation.  For a good chunk of change, municipal planning firms can evaluate the various district options for new district formation and provide you a one dimensional approach toward successful district formation.

Our firm specializes in low cost, very practical community driven approaches to formation of the new district.  We will engage an attorney and planning firm if necessary and appropriate in the early stages of planning; and will guide you through the various public agency and community processes required for district creation.  Once formed, all of the policy, structure and process will be in place for immediate good governance and management of the public services.

We specialize in working with community groups, homeowners associations, chambers of commerce and civic groups in evaluating and designing your community’s public service options.

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