CSDA Annual Conference a Hit!

The 2016 CSDA Annual Conference held in San Diego was attended by a record number of Districts, with over 800 attendees!  When I attended my first CSDA conference in 1996 in South Lake Tahoe, there were approximately 30 attendees.  What an amazing growth and I am proud to say I was appointed to the CSDA Board of Directors in 1998 and have remained there as an active part of this growth for coming up on two decades.  Kampa Community Solutions’ Administrative Director, Chalyse Behm attended the conference for the first time this year and was overwhelmed and appreciative of the effort put forth by special district managers and Board members to become educated and aware of the resources, training and networking opportunities of the conference.  “There is just so much to learn, it is a continuous process, stated Behm.  We put in this investment and effort to attend the conference as a company to stay on top of all of the laws, requirements and best practices in the special district industry today”

We were asked for the first time by an attendee “Is the conference a good place for you (Kampa Community Solutions) to market your management services?” and my response was that we do not see it as a marketing effort, rather it is the best place for us to share our knowledge and experience and to learn continuously on behalf of our clients.   Most of our clients are small enough where their budget does not support travel to a conference, so we attend on their behalf and bring the knowledge gained back to each client district.