Community Relations

We specialize in developing programs that result in a thorough community understanding of and support for the services provided by your district.  From policies, programs, new facilities or services to the creation of a public engagement process to ensure the success of the funding and construction of critical infrastructure; our strategies will create community consensus to ensure broadly supported initiatives.

Communities demand the transparency and accountability of their local government. Although this sounds easy and logical to us in special districts, our communities typically cannot engage in our business well enough to recognize all of the laws, regulations, policies and procedures we must understand and abide by on a daily basis.  This lack of familiarity with special district governance and operations can raise question and concern in the community when it comes time for our districts to reduce programs due to revenue shortfalls, increase fees, ask for water conservation or change the way we do business simply to comply with a new law.

When our customers are confused and concerned about how we are spending their money, they can respond negatively when we attempt to raise revenue or secure community support for a critical initiative; or oust great board members and/or managers, negatively affect employee morale or simply just make it more difficult for the Board in it’s decision making.

Poor or declining customer relations will ultimately increase cost while reducing productivity.  We specialize in providing your district with policies, procedures, programs and training in their implementation that will result in the full integration of your services into the community and the direct reflection of the community’s needs into your services.   Your decisions will be informed by the community, and the community will be informed as a result of your actions.

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