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New grant workshop at CSDA May 19!

During an upcoming workshop in Sacramento, the first of its kind at at the new CSDA training center, I will be discussing the possibilities for your district to tap into the Department of Water Resources Drought Grant Program.   The funding opportunities are there for EVERY type of district that manages or uses water or

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Drought Grant Program Guidelines Released!

The Department of Water Resources released the draft drought response grant program guidelines for public review and comment today. This grant program, bursting with $200 million dollars available statewide, will begin implementing programs and building projects by late summer.  We are currently specializing in reviewing your water conservation, water use efficiency and drought response needs

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A Paradigm Paralyzed

With regard to water resources, as a state, we have unfortunately become paralyzed  in our ability to make long term decisions.  In the legislature, you are either in favor of increased storage, or you support increased water conservation and water use efficiency; depending upon which side of the aisle you represent.  There appears to be no

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