Management Services Overview

Focused Services – Comprehensive Solutions

We specialize in providing a full array of management consulting services specifically developed for the needs of special districts.  All management services are provided by certified Special District Administrators with many years of experience in the services for which we are contracted.

With the public and state legislature’s ever increasing expectation for full transparency and accountability on the part of special districts, our services cover every aspect of governance, management, operations, community relations, finance, human resources, Brown Act, contracting, policy development, LAFCO, consolidation and reorganization.

Service Cost

To provide cost control and flexibility, there are no limitations on how you access and use our services.  We will custom design our work to fit your needs and budget.  We bill at an hourly rate  based on the scope of work, expertise necessary, schedule and other factors.

Fixed Fee

We work together to develop the scope of work to meet your needs and an associated fee in an amount not- to-exceed a budget you establish.

Hourly Rate

Ongoing project or initiative related services, where we bill an agreed upon hourly rate based on the nature and complexity of the work .  You set the duration of the work or the scope of work to be completed.

Special District Administrative Consortium (SDAC)/Monthly retainer

For a small, predictable monthly fee, we serve as your part time General Manager providing regular, as-needed and on-call management services.  This service is perfect for the Board managed District that needs regular management guidance and oversight, but cannot afford to pay a full time, or part time qualified manager.   Services include everything from helping the Board set priorities, permit or regulatory compliance, agenda preparation and meeting management, to research and reporting, project alternatives analysis, Brown Act guidance, revenue measure preparation, budgeting, fundraising, communication plans, etc.