Kampa Community Solutions, LLC

Mailing Address:  PO Box 3221, Sonora CA  95370

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Sonora Office

176 Bradford Ave

PO Box 3221

Sonora, CA  95370

Office: (209) 694-7023

San Luis Obispo County Office

310 Front Street

Avila Beach, CA  93424

(209) 591-7100

Pete Kampa — President/General Manager

Cell:  (209) 591-7100

Chalyse Behm — Administrative Director

Cell: (209) 591-3134

Deborah Kampa—Vice President/Creative Director

1 comment on “Contact”

  1. Mark Groo

    Pete and Deborah
    It was good to meet you last week. Hope you enjoyed your time here!

    I went to your website…Very nice!!
    I respect and admire you for following your passion.

    Let’s stay in touch, I think we can help each other.

    My passions have taken me on a unique journey…each of us has our unique journey, especially when we follow our heart.
    Mine has been a journey of Health and Well-Being, and now sustainablility.
    I have learned a lot about food, diets and supplements. The past 10 years it has been about water and water filtration.

    My next path on this journey is Permaculture.
    My plan is to work with a newly formed company called PermaEthos. Their goal is to establish hundreds of functioning farms in a permaculture style of farming. This is a big subject, if you want more information on permaculture check out these sites: I am currently taking the online PDC from Geoff This is Jack Spirko a visionary is permaculture, economy, politics and business. It is his vision for establishing hundreds of permaculture farms. He has a business model that I think is worth following. This is Ben Falk, he is doing permaculture in a cold climate. I will be taking his PDC this August, in Vermont.

    Mark Groo

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