A Paradigm Paralyzed

With regard to water resources, as a state, we have unfortunately become paralyzed  in our ability to make long term decisions.  In the legislature, you are either in favor of increased storage, or you support increased water conservation and water use efficiency; depending upon which side of the aisle you represent.  There appears to be no current common ground on which to make critical decisions, even in the face of a potentially catastrophic drought.  

This  controversy is causing our community leaders to make hasty decisions in their drought response plan implementation.  Many tens of millions of dollars will be spent in the coming months to build emergency infrastructure, pay subsidies, and purchase water at top dollar from those who have continuously made investments in securing their water supply.  The problem is, when this drought is long gone and the central valley is once again flush in water supply and bountiful crops, these huge investments will not have made us better off than we were before the 2014 drought.  Unfortunate.  

The solutions are many, and on both sides of the aisle.  We must be resolute and strategic within our communities and truly listen to each other’s interests; because within them lies commonality from which to agree.